Nova vozila v prodaji, konceptna vozila in vsa vozila, o katerih lahko (zaenkrat) le sanjamo...
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Špekulacije o prihajajočih vozilih - RUMORS

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Tukaj se objavljajo insiderske informacije iz avtomobilskih hiš.

Prvi bomo izvedeli o novih modelih, izvirnih projektih, novih motorjih, inovacijah,...

Samo novice, komentarji bodo izbrisani ;)

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13 novih BMWjevih modelov:

1er will come as a 3-door in early 2006, and as 3-dr or 5-dr touring in 2007

2er will come as a coupe and soft top cabrio in late 2006/ early 2007, and debuts in U.S. market in 2007; we will see no M1 (hatchback), but M2 coupe and cabrio will appear (engine yet unknown)

4er (a folding hard top coupe/cabrio) will be a substitute for a 3er cabrio and will come with carbon fibre (CF) or composite materials (metal + plastic) roof

- M3 will feature 440HP V8 engine, and will be unlimited to 190mph - more CF, plastic and composite materials will be used to reduce the weight
- there will be M4 with same characteristics
- CSL models will be M's with even more powerful engines (+10%) and even more weight reduced

both, RFK and crossover will also feature a CF roof

5er and 6er will adopt 7er's engines and make 640i, 540i and 550i, 650i in the late 2005/early 2006

6er will go diesel - 635d and 645d in the sight (mid 2006)

"iS" designation will be replaced with "Si" - for powerful sport models, and will no mer be limited to X - family

-X5 will adopt new engines from 5er and 7er when it come as a coplete new model in mid 2006
- X3 will face a minor facelift (redesigned and half-painted bumpers + interior materials) for MY2007 and engines updates

- Z4 M is coming as MY 2007 with 400HP V8 - detuned futer M3's engine
- Z4 facelift is heading for MY 2007 - expect more agressive front and some minor changes in the back and interior
- BMW is considernig adding smaller Z2 and bigger V10 Z9 Spyder in the range; but no Z4 coupe

BMW 330ii will come - with over 300HP I6 two stage turbo petrol engine, to fight with Lexus IS350 and new Infiniti G35

RR is launching LWB Phantom in the fall; new Chronicle cabrio based on EX100 concept - arrival in late 2006 / early 2007. They are considering to go downmarket - with a sedan and coupe - to fight the Bentley.

new 7 series planned for MY 2009; expect revolutionary design again, I-drive and dash will be almost a carbon copy of a Z9 concept dash and idrive; idrive will be built in-house - much improved; new advanced safety features; more powerful engines - even petrol turbo ones; EVT engines possible; will come with ZSG gearbox

Schedule - some true, some rumours:
summer 2005: 3er touring, 318i, 323i, 325xi, 330xi
fall 2005: 330d, first 3er "Si" models, 550i, 650i
spring 2006: 3-door 1er, X3 with new engines: 2.5i, 3.0i, 2.0d, 3.0d; 3er coupe, facelifted Z4, Z4 M, 540i, 640i,
summer 2006: 4er, new X5, 635d, 645d
fall 2006: 2er coupe, 335d or 330Sd, 330ii, X3 3.5d or 3.0Sd
spring 2007: 2er cabrio, M3
fall 2007: 1er touring, M4, facelifted 5er
spring 2008: V5 RFK, facelifted 6er and X3
summer 2008: X6 crossover
fall 2008: new 7er

en de reactie van Scott26 ( insider )

1er will come as a 3-door in early 2006, and as 3-dr or 5-dr touring in 2007
2er will come as a coupe and soft top cabrio in late 2006/ early 2007, and debuts in U.S. market in 2007; we will see no M1 (hatchback), but M2 coupe and cabrio will appear (engine yet unknown)
With the 1er BMW are astounded by the success. It has already been rumoured that the 1er is not selling as well as it should be . But this is rumours and anti-Bangle bullshit . The car has entered respective markets and achieved objectives. Plus you have to understand the 1er is not just one car - You will see an expanded product range 2006 will be the beginning of the roll out for the variants that will be offered with the E87 platform. Platforms that will increase profitability of the E87 project. 1er was new segment for BMW in current times. A year or two gives time for product to be established in it's respective market and then the roll out of other body styles begins.
The first model lays the groundwork and then we build on that. If we didnt expand our product portfolio and our design innovation we believe we would not be as successful as we are today.
A 3-door hatch will be the second body style, ready for launch in early 2006. Touring version is seriously considered. Also under feasibility study is a 3dr Touring fastback - sharing history and idea with the old 1600/2002 Touring.
The 2er will be expected in 2006. The CS1 concept is really the 2er. BMW describe the 2er as reinventing the fun era of BMW the 2002 and the E30. Cars which were about the joy of driving - icon cars. In respect the 2er is a spritual ancestor of these great products forever etched in BMW's history. BMW know they cannot afford to miss the North American market, in spite of weak dollar. They know the 2er will be very,very popular not only with younger buyers, but with traditional 2002 enthusiasts, and also domestic and Japanese brand owners.Though the 2er coupe and 2er cabrio will expectedly be sold in US as BMW are pitching the 2er as the 21st century 2002, as per USA/Canada popularity of the 2002 is extremely popular. Marketing will be forged to that era with a family link as BMW tend to woo the 2002 enthusiasts.
The 2er will be available as soft top cabrio and as hard top coupe. A folding hard top was discussed but found to be impractical .
Engines will be the same as 1er .

RR is launching LWB Phantom in the fall; new Chronicle cabrio based on EX100 concept - arrival in late 2006 / early 2007. They are considering to go downmarket - with a sedan and coupe - to fight the Bentley.
If we ignored the potential of the 100 EX as a production car then we kill our investment in Rolls-Royce. Again there has been poor press representation of the Rolls-Royce business. But they dont really report on possibly motoring biggest achievement this century the design of a new model , the design and construction of a new factory and a whole new marketing approach . Relaunching of a successful company that was previously handicapped by it's partner.
Rolls-Royce is an icon it is not a volume car. Because we are only selling small quantities . People deem the company to be unsuccessful - Again when production begins on additional models including a smaller Silver Shadow type car - A smaller Rolls-Royce to sit below the Phantom. RR sales will expand, a preview of the new Small car is expected to be seen in September at the IAA.
One thing we will never do , discussed but found to inadequate for the Rolls-Royce marque is a Rolls-Royce interpretation of a SUV . We do that we kill the marque and it's history and tradition.

RFK (Room functional concept)
The RFK is BMW's interpretation of what a space functional concept vehicle or as it is known in development the BMW's interpretation of Space travel should be. The RFK is also a first step in BMW defining new niches with unique products that take the next step as BMW designers are currently shaping the future . Extending the design language and exploring all avenues and possibilities for future products.
BMW now appeals to the individual customer now that is why we are the worlds successful Car company.

The RFK is seen as a niche product much in the vein of the X5 as well as filling out the product portfolio with our usual products. BMW are developing a portfolio of unique "mobile communication statements". The design does the talking in this portfolio of models which will appear in our long term strategy including unique groundbreaking ideas. So, the Xcoupe was not just a styling exercise. That concept still has an agenda.
In the future BMW will offer a unique vehicle in each class as we differentiate from the competition , Think how Mercedes are launching the CLS
Because BMW proved a radical design could break open the segment.

BMW see the RFK as a car with no challengers. They are not concerned by the R-Klasse. They know what it is like now and see their product as different . BMW have took RFK design ideas further compared to the R-Klasse which looks like a SUV mini van or a mini bus.
The RFK will be a sleek fastback coupe like vehicle although it will not be as spacious or plain as the R-Klasse ( which is aimed at the US )
The RFK will appear to the continental european . It will drive like a car , handle like a car and have same weight distribution as a car.

The RFK is a very exciting product for BMW, because they know that when the RFK arrives in 2008 the MB R-Klasse will be already established. Not only will BMW offer a vehicle that is unique, not only in design, but also in handling, construction, interior and technology.

BMW have taken a new approach to this segment and are hoping to reap the rewards when the car goes on sale. Of course it is well to remember that BMW's last niche vehicle from tradition the X5 has been a tremendous market success. BMW are hoping that when the RFK eventually hits the market that the success is repeated. We want to release two RFKs in intervals – each based on different size platforms.

It is still early but although the groundwork and development are beginning
There is much talk of what to call the RFK. »V« is the prefered choice. So, the RFK might get the V designation - on strong emphasis on versatile instead of van, but there is still time to change priority. The design itself will proclaim that this is not a van. When this car gets unveiled it will be ahead of it's time.

The RFK is expected to feature a V8 and a twin turbo V8 petrol. A diesel the top engine will be a twin turbo V10 diesel tuned for performance developed from the upcoming V10 diesel.
BMW do not want the RFK to have the top line powerplants and leave it at that. They want the car to be a BMW a new progression for BMW but it has to have the character and ability, so desired in a BMW.
Rumours that the car will introduce V6 engines is Bullshit.
BMW do not believe in V6 engines. A V6 is not to our priorities, because we use inline six cylinder engines. That is essentially part of our mantra: »Defy convention of other car manufacturers«.

RFK is a true 21st century vehicle. The styling sets up for the next generation of BMW.
We make sport sedans, coupes, tourings and SAV's, so we will not be different with the RFK. We want to make a sporty niche premium vehicle: competent, dynamic and alien in the market. And the RFK is it. The RFK will be positioned as another sporting product from BMW.
Driver and passengers will experience a special, individual feeling of space, combined with the dynamic performance and elegant, sporty look, which are associated with the BMW brand.

Btw, some of these new engines, that I have mentioned, have just entered design and prototype stage. What I am taking from is decision on paper with what they want and what they are beginning to design.
Internally the new diesels are described as »M« diesels - although in concept and idea only! Hence the emphasis on performance.

The first engineering prototypes are being developed on extended 5er Tourings and 7ers.
Along with full integration of i-drive apart from major functions the RFK will also spearhead at i-drive functions that will download into the key from home or office terminals, so all settings are stored for each user of the car. This include vehicle settings, seats, routes, drive preparation, music. The in RFK built technology will also be the signal to the forthcoming 7er in 2008

To showcase further individuality, BMW would like to offer hydrogen power as they believe a radical car would compare well with radical technology and hydrogen power could well be a strong candiate in the not so distant future.
The use of carbon fibre will feature such as the roof structure which will entail low centre of gravity for better handling and performance.
Space, Performance and innovation will be it's identity.

The interior is planned to offer a 2-3-2 seating or strict 5 seater arrangement, Long wheel base is to be decided but might be offered or not a central seat in the rear passenger compartment is also under discussion. Be under no illusion that The rear two seats are for adults. They will mainly be for small children. BMW are have legislation for rear suicide doors as this would mark out the concept as unique, daring and adventurous amongst the competition. Safety will of course be a high priority with multiple airbags and a new safety system being developed now for future BMW's

The RFK will also enhance the BMW design language forward it will be a postmodern futuristic vehicle.
The AutoBild Huckfeldt's pictures are roughly 94,95% correct. The scale is wrong, but not the height. This thing sits long and low. Again this is why R-Klasse looks like a Minivan or SUV compared to the RFK. The rear picture of the car is more to scale.

The front will feature headlamps that curve into the front of the car to the prominent stand out twin kidney grille. You cannot see the front details very well in those pictures. Some images showing a 3er , 5er face are way off the mark.
And whilst other manufacturers are looking at super wagons, BMW reckon this would be commercial suicide. BMW will whet the appetite for the RFK with a concept for this years IAA as they want to show that they are not developing a " Van".

The car should be ready for launch in 2008.
The vehicle will be produced in our German plant network, for the parts, components and architectures will have features in common with the BMW brand models produced in this country. Moreover, we are expecting demand for this “space-functional” automobile to be strongest in Europe at the moment.

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don CONSIGLIO je napisal/-a:13 novih BMWjevih modelov:


:bow :bow :woohoo :woohoo

Sedaj sem že na nekaj straneh zasledil da naj bi mel M3 res cca 440KM in ne "samo" 400. Upajmo na najbolje. Res upam da bojo tut 3.0 turbota vn dal. Itd...vglavnem samo lepote od BMW-ja. Upajmo da vse kar tuki piše res ven pride in bo fešta. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Sam sem mal skeptičen o seriji 4 namesto 3 coupe. Počakajmo in upajmo na najbolše.
It's not the speed that kills, it's the sudden stop that hirts !!
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Če je to takšna informacija: prihajajoči VW Fox bo menda dobil 1.0 motor z električno turbino. Upam da je prav, ker sm napisal sem noter, saj še nikjer drugje nism zasledil. Don če ni u redu, kar pobriš.
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By Borut 007:

Ford Wields The Axe On Focus RS

There will be no Focus RS - that's the shocking news from Ford. Sources close to the project have confirmed the hot hatch has been quietly shelved
The moneymen reckon the manufacturer's current financial problems, coupled with the RS's high development costs, made further work unrealistic.
The dramatic move is a blow to fast Ford enthusiasts in the UK -a key market for the firm's performance models. They're still reeling from the scrapping of the Fiesta RS project last year. The decision means the ST badge will be Ford's current sporting flagship.
The RS, which was expected to have made its debut in 2007, would have used a turbocharged version of Volvo's new all-alloy 3.2-litre straight-six motor. It's understood Jost Capito, head of Ford Motorsport, was keen to tune the Focus RS's engine to around 350bhp - more than the current BMW M3 - for an anticipated four-second sprint from 0-60mph and a top speed electronically limited to 155mph. To lay down this massive power, the RS would have borrowed the Volvo S40's all-wheel-drive layout.
Ford never officially declared it would develop a follow-up to the original Focus RS - launched in 2002 - but it was always on the cards. Internally, the project is simply on the back-burner and could be revived - but Auto Express has been told there are no plans for that to happen.
A spokeswoman said: "At the moment, our priority is a wider range of products with broader appeal, such as the SAV concept and a new Ka. A more performance-oriented car like the proposed Focus RS would be developed only once these were established."

Source: Auto Express

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Napisal/-a INFINITI Če jun 16, 2005 6:04 pm

Hyundai razvija RWD športnika

Hyundai Confirms Development of Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car

by Justin Couture / American Auto Press

Is Korea's Number One Automaker Pushing Its Sports Car Upscale?

Having just opened an all-new factory in Alabama, launched three completely updated cars, in the Accent, Sonata, and Azera,
"Yes, we are developing rear-wheel drive for the next sports car," admitted Hyundai Executive Senior Vice- President, Hyun Soon Lee. (Photo: Hyundai Motor America)
and previously juiced up its standard warranty, Hyundai's plans for world domination appear to be proceeding with utmost efficiency.

Korea's number one carmaker is on target to continue its global expansion, which was revisited in the theme of the corporate display at this year's Seoul Motor Show. In its presentation, the company dropped a major hint of a forthcoming rear-wheel drive vehicle that is described by Hyundai executives as a "serious sports car."

Although the idea of a true performance Hyundai sounds too good to be true, the car's development was addressed during its press conference there. Executive Senior Vice- President, Hyun Soon Lee, responded to the press' eager questions with a
The announced rear-wheel drive sports machine will become the fourth-generation Tiburon, which is set to make a global debut sometime during 2007. (Photo: Trevor Hofmann, American Auto Press)
surprising answer. "Yes, we are developing rear-wheel drive for the next sports car," he admitted.

This remark not only caught the press, show-goers and enthusiasts off guard, but also other company executives who had been keeping the project under wraps.

The development of a 'halo' sports car is seen as beneficial for brand image, giving consumers something to look up to. By building a capable performance sports car, Hyundai would effectively increase its appeal to younger generations who aren't as interested in quality or reliability as they are in image.
According to insiders, this rear-wheel drive sports machine will become the fourth-generation Tiburon, which is set to make a
A body similar to the 2+2 HCD-8 concept would do wonders for the brand's image. (Photo: Hyundai Motor America)
global debut sometime during 2007. Having received tremendous positive response from the all-wheel drive HCD-8 sports tourer concept car that the South Korean automaker showed off at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, it's thought that the new Tiburon will be similarly shaped, carrying the same bold grille, up-turned headlamps and sporty three-door liftback design. A body similar to the 2+2 HCD-8 would do wonders for the brand's image; it has organic curves, clutter-free surfaces and a high metal-to-glass ratio, reinforcing a more mature, high-end sports car look, like that of the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 Coupe.

By entering into the field of RWD performance coupes, Hyundai would effectively be targeting a loftier 'breed' of vehicles
This is the kind of vehicle Hyundai hopes will target the Mazda RX-8 and Infiniti G35. (Photo: Hyundai Motor America)
compared to sports compacts like the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Acura RSX, its usual competition. It's an odd thought, but this is the kind of vehicle Hyundai hopes will target the Mazda RX-8 and Infiniti G35.

In order to successfully compete, it will need a serious upgrade in power from the current 2.7-liter DOHC V6 found in top model Tiburons. It's unlikely that Hyundai would go through the process of supercharging the V6 as it did with its HCD-8 concept, but it is likely that the company will opt for its new Lambda-type engine series, which includes 230-horsepower 3.3-liter and 265-horsepower 3.8-liter V6s, which debuted in the new Sonata and Azera/Grandeur respectively. The knowledge that a rear-wheel drive chassis is being developed for a sports car opens the doors to another radical
Hyundai is also considering developing a large rear-wheel drive vehicle for North American consumption, to sit above the recently-introduced Azera. This Equus concept shows a possible styling direction. (Photo: Trevor Hofmann, American Auto Press)
possibility - that Hyundai is considering developing a large rear-wheel drive vehicle to sit above the recently-introduced Azera. The upscale RWD sedan could effectively put Hyundai in a position to contend in the high-end executive market currently filled by BMW, Infiniti, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, among others. Such a model, or models, would probably be developed in a similar method to Nissan's F-MR architecture, sharing critical components such as the suspension, structure and drivetrains, granting the ability to create different-sized vehicles with unique driving characteristics.

Hyundai has long built a large luxury sedan for its home market and other global markets, named Equus. A large car concept that went by the same name and the designation HCD-7,
Hyundai has long built a large luxury sedan for its home market and other global markets, named Equus. (Photo: Hyundai Motor America)
stunned auto show goers in 2002, showing that the Korean carmaker could indeed build something to rival top-tier brands, and now that its cars and SUVs are gaining respect for outshining the likes of Honda and Toyota, as well as Lexus now that Consumer Report's announced the Sonata as the most reliable car available in the U.S., the thought of a luxury Hyundai, or a separate premium fighting brand, doesn't seem out of the question.

The development of a rear-wheel driven sports car would be the first step. The vehicle's very premise is also something that's quite remarkable for a company that has spent the majority of its efforts concentrating on quality and reliability in mainstream segments.
he Tiburon is the brand's only "niche" vehicle, and can be traced back fifteen years to the S-Coupe, a two-door notchback coupe
The new small to midsize sporty car should arrive within three years' time. (Photo: Hyundai Motor America)
based on the X-2 Excel, one of Hyundai's first front-wheel drive cars. Hyundai's intentions to make the S-Coupe a pseudo-sports machine came to fruition after launching the Turbo model, a cult classic that helped Hyundai launch its rally car program. The S-Coupe evolved in 1995 to become the first generation Tiburon, based on the J2 (Elantra) chassis. Two evolutions along, the Tiburon has become a formidable competitor, elevating Hyundai to a position where it competes head-on with Acura and Volkswagen, and their respective RSX and GTI models.

To fill in the gap left by shifting the Tiburon upscale, Hyundai is considering a high-performance all-wheel drive sports compact loosely based on the MC4 (next-generation Accent) platform. The small sporty car should arrive within three years' time. The next-generation Tiburon, in combination with a new large sedan and the potential small sports car, should contribute significantly to Hyundai's plans to become one of the world's top five manufacturers by the decade's end.
2000 Hyundai Coupe 2.0 → 2003 Hyundai Coupe 2.0 → 1999 BMW 740i → 2009 BMW 530d M
→ 2010 Škoda Superb TDI → 2008 Renault Laguna Coupe GT 2.0T → 2016 KIA Sportage CRDi
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Sodeč po teh novicah bojo bodoči avtosaloni in druge predstavitve zelo pestre. Upam, da bomo obiskovalci videli kakšne sočne slike. 8)
Varno vožnjo vam želi Avalon.
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Napisal/-a don CONSIGLIO Sr feb 01, 2006 8:13 pm


Tako kot so že praktično začrtane vse smernice za novega Enzota pri trizobu razmišljajo, da bi na podlagi le-tega izdelajo novega MC12, ki bi imel obliko od prototipa Birdcage, moč pa bi mu omejili na cca 700 KM. K temu je pripomogel velik interes potencialnih kupcev nad prototipom in odlični prodajni rezultat 50ih primerkov MC12.

Izgledal naj bi tako:

ferrari 003.jpg
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Napisal/-a don CONSIGLIO To mar 14, 2006 7:32 pm

To naj bi bil uradni program Audija za svoje naslednje tri modele:

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Napisal/-a Tomcatter To mar 21, 2006 9:44 pm

Malo več od 13ih modelov :P

BMW is developing a rival to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Porsche 911: a luxury supercar likely to take the name Z10. Autocar reports that this will be designed by BMW's studio in California, though it could be built at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood, England, which has some spare production capacity.

The Z10 is said to be around the same size as a Lamborghini Gallardo, but weighing 250kg less at about 1200kg. It will be built around an aluminium spaceframe chassis similar to that used for the Z8, and will feature a new version of the 500bhp V10 currently used in the M5 and M6; this could be enlarged to 5.5-litres and 550bhp, and could work with a seven-speed sequential-shift gearbox. Equipment will include a carbonfibre folding roof, active spoilers and a downforce-generating venturi underbody. Crucially, it is expected to look a lot more aggressive than the retro-look Z8, which met with a lukewarm reception.

Sounds more like R8 and SLR fighter to me :twisted: :twisted:
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Napisal/-a Tomcatter Pe jun 30, 2006 2:13 pm

Autospies je napisal/-a:AutoCar magazine is reporting that Porsche has a Bugatti Veyron killer in development.

As a replacement for the current Carrera GT, it will be called the GT1 and put out over 950 horsepower.

Malo huda, ampak se govori o Carrera GT naslednjiku!
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Napisal/-a C4V4L13R Sr maj 30, 2007 7:44 pm

Vrni se na Vozila prihodnosti

Kdo je prisoten

Po forumu brska: breg in 3 gostov